healing wounds

I’m in an odd mood, not quite easy to categorize. It is something akin to a combination of calm and chaos, both obvious, but neither dominant. It makes me think that the two aren’t really opposites. I rather like it. Such “paradox” helps heal wounds like…Self-acceptance. I used to think that standing strong in my adopted convictions was the only way to know purpose and be accepted by others. Now, I’m working on not taking myself too seriously. I understand that the acceptance I give so freely to others has to be given to myself as well.

Shedding society’s formula. I have always looked for the middle road, that fragile place that exists between extremes. I don’t expect to be balanced at all times, but I appreciate the experience of balance. I am not worried about knowing “the” truth. I figure that if I can glimpse my own truth in each moment and accept that it will change, I will be happier to participate in this life I’m creating.

Ah, yes. Those wounds are healing.


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