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The Hours of Night

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It’s late evening and I’m waiting for the stillness of the night to sweep over my home. There is a voice calling me to the quiet hours and the side of me long neglected. I had almost forgotten who she was this person inside me. Listening to everyone else and facing down the issues of everyday life leaves one little time for listening for the things that come quietly. Often those things come in a passing moment, or in reflection on a day gone by, sometimes in dreams or in a quiet night sitting in the soft light of candles. Those times are spent speaking the words deepest in my soul, hidden from the day but whispered into the night. Tonight is such a night, the candles set, the space cleared but the spirit and soul pouring over with all that needs to be spoken. The hours of night are my own time, mystical and free, my time to be heard and to be answered, dark yet filled with light, quiet yet filled with words.


Writing Pages

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The other night, when it was so warm, I started a private journal. I sat by candlelight trying to conserve energy and started filling the pages of one of the many blank journals that fills my bedside table. It’s just a plain journal with its dark blue cover, nothing with a golden binding or a beautifully designed cover. I had hoped to find something beautiful for the words, but then I suppose the words inside are what matter. As in all things, the real beauty is not on the surface but in this case, within the pages.


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 You could labor ten years under a master Trying to discern whether the teachings are true. But all you must learn is this; One must live one’s own life. When one starts out learning a spiritual system, there are many absolute assertions that the masters make. They must be accepted with a provisional faith; each must be tested and proved to yourself before you can believe in them. You will be exposed to all types of esoteric knowledge, but you need only be concerned with whether or not you can make them work for yourself. There will come an intermediate, joyous point where you find that certain techniques work even better than the scriptures claim. In the wake of these discoveries, you will also find that life continues to be just as thorny and problematic as ever. Does this mean that the study of Tao is useless? No. It only means that you have been laboring to equip yourself with skill. You must still go out and live your life to the end. When you look back and realize that you have been absorbed the teachings so thoroughly that they have become routine, it is not the time to reject the system you have learned. It is time to utilize what you have learned. You must express yourself, take action in the world, create new circumstances for yourself and others. Only then does the long acquisition of skill become worthwhile.