Whiskey, Sherry, Rum and Me:)

Gotcha, didn’t I ?

Here you were saying to yourselves, “but she RARELY drinks alcohol !”

What gives ? Has she sunk into the pit of temptation ? Decided to have Hollywood’s idea of fun after all – the familiar story before the rehab ending ?

No, to the above, I’m still not into alcohol. Well, not to drink it neat that is, or blended.

Margarita, schmargarita. Daquiri, notforme.

But mixed with butter and sugar and heavy cream, and put in a pot under low heat and stirred continuously until it starts to simmer ?

And then poured over bread pudding ? Or added to a cake ? Or included in the glaze that gets drizzled over a dessert ?

Oh my, count me in 🙂

I never thought I’d like the stuff. I never dreamed I’d LOVE the stuff. But I could lick the wooden stirring spoon all night long and beg for more.


And I still am totally apathetic about alcohol in general. Go figure !


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