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Tiny Bells

Posted in Story Time, Wonder, Writings with tags , on August 16, 2009 by moragglimmerwitch


The window shashes have been tightly shut for several days, the glass panes covered with bits of olde sheet music to keep a secret within …

Nose prints from tiny faces pressed against the glass, paws pressed flat, bitty hands cupped trying to sneak a peek … Smudges of evidence on the panes.

Tiny footprints forming lines throughout the gardens, all seem to end in a gathering outside … just below the window. Further evidence that whispers of what is happening inside is spreading from garden to garden.

All are watching. All await in wonder.

Early mornings, if you are awake with the dawn you might hear the soft tinkling of tiny silver bells as the faeries make their way from the bottom of the gardens to work within the studios walls. It is late into the night before they make their way back home to gather a wink of sleep … & to dream of what is about to happen.

Something is stirring. Something wonderful.



Posted in Goddess, Secret, Wonder on September 7, 2008 by moragglimmerwitch

There is a thunderstorm outside my window. I am in awe of it. Here I sit, so small… so little. And beyond this pane of glass crashes a world of wonder and mighty power, tearing the heavens apart and rebuilding them with charcoal clouds. The rain pours down, a sacred thing, slucing through the branches of quivering trees, driving its way deep down to the heart of the earth as it rolls off blades of grass and car windows in a seemingly random dance. (The greatest secret – nothing is truly random.)

I feel awake… alive. The cup of tea in my hand is warm, as warm as the metal of my worn necklace… as warm as the coming air. Everything is a feast for my senses as I take in the storm and thank Goddess for this.